Flashheart: So long, suckers! Next time you’re bored with your lives, give me a call and I’ll come round and kill you.

Kate: Bye, Edmund, and thanks for everything.

Flashheart: Hurray!

And in a flash they are gloriously gone. Smoke settles on the amazed assembly, then Melchett has an idea with which he is very pleased.

Melchett: It is customary on these occasions for the groom to marry the bridesmaid. I presume you will honour this.

Baldrick: I do.

Blackadder: Ah-ha.

He glances at Baldrick, who is looking seductively his way. The end of the world is nigh.

That one was fun to draw 😀 I took several sketches and quite some time to get Blackadder resemble himself, but I’m pleased how it turned out. Baldrick was much easier – he seems to consist mainly of hair…

Text: „Bells.“ In: Blackadder. The Whole Damn Dynasty. Hrsg. v. Michael Joseph. London, 2009, S. 136.

Or, for the series junkies (does that word exist?): „Bells“, Second Season, Episode One, right at the end 🙂