Crocodile Attack

This is a book I picked up in Brisbane, Australia. To be more precise, it kind of fell in front of me somewhere in this place:

A place stuffed with books – although not every shelf looked as bad as the piano-section:

„Crocodile Attack“ lives up to its promise: It starts with a biblical motto („Consider the chief of the beasts, the crocodile / Who devours cattle as if they were grass […]“ – The Book of Job, Old Testament) and continues with a foreword of Paul Hogan, famous for his leading part in „Crocodile Dundee“. The last two sentences of the foreword are: „If you knew little about the beast before, you’ll be an authority on him by the time you have read Crocodile Attack. I can also guarantee you one thing: once you’ve read it, you’ll think twice before you go swimming in croc country.“ Well, that sounds convincing!

The book tells a bunch of stories of human and croc encounters – lethal and lucky ones. The stories are well to read, a bit on the sensational side and therefore follow the lurid title of the book. But this is just one side of the book, because these parts mix in a weird, although not contradictory way with chapters like „Management of Crocodiles“ or „What of the Future?“, which elaborate on scientific discoveries (the book was first published 1989), how to improve the public knowledge on crocs and how to preserve their environment. A weird mixture that tries to trick people into learning stuff about animals they don’t think they would like/respect/be curious about. Excellent job 🙂

(Yeah, yeah, got a bit lazy with the lettering here, but it fits with the scribble-style of the rest. At least that’s the excuse I’ll be going with.)