Once upon a time in Mexico

I rewatched the film „Once upon a time in Mexico“ (Robert Rodriguez, 2003) yesterday to come up with an idea for the coverart (already playing with the idea of Sands‘ face and the blood appearing from under his sunlgasses). The first thing that sprung to my mind was a neon sign guitar. I love this detail, appearing within the first few minutes of the film: Belini tells Sands about El Mariachi and the sign hangs in the bar the story about Mariachi takes place. It has a yellow glowing body and neck, a white ring symbolising the sound hole and a green line for the bridge. Very clean, very simple, very ‚loud‘ and bar-like, very American. Very „Once upon a time in Mexico“ 🙂 Maybe I make a second cover with it, but I couldn’t get rid of the idea with the bloody eyes.

I never saw the film in German, but I wonder how Sands‘ line „Are you a Mexican or a Mexican’t?“ is translated ^^ I can’t imagine a good replacement for it 😉

So here’s the inked cover:

And the colorised version (having a bit more of an impact):

And the details of the upper part, refering to the Dia de los muertos and the paper-flags: