I think I first laid my eyes on „The Sandman“ about eight or nine years ago. After reading Volume 1, „Preludes and Nocturnes“, I was hooked and quite fast back on Amazon to order the next book. But the volumes were a quite heavy burden on my wallet, so I never could afford to get them as fast as I read them. And I didn’t knew anybody around who was interested in stuff like this… Poor me! Or, surely more to the point: Shy me. I used to walk around, shoulders hunched and silently wishing „please don’t look at me, please don’t ask me something, please don’t bother (me)“. On the streets as well as in shops. Sometimes I still catch me doing it – but only if I have a very, very, very bad day 😉

To those who don’t know her: Death is a character in Neil Gaiman’s „Sandman“. She is the older sister of Dream and her appearance captures not only the punk subculture of the 80ies, but I think with black and white as her main colours she symbolises the „either – or“ of life and death (although there are several shadow worlds and parallel worlds pictured in „The Sandman“). And like Terry Pratchett’s Death, Gaiman’s Death is quite likeable 🙂