The Fifth Element (1997)

To me Leeloo is a clown-character. Clowns show the human condition – without constraints. And Leeloo too has no emotional restraints whatsoever, she does not filter them first, she is always true. The other reason why I think she’s a clown character, is her appereance. Who else wears suspenders and has red hair? Plus, her reddish and orange hair comes with the imperfection of the blond hairline (and clowns are not perfect, again, they are very human and show their flaws). Third reason: Her language. First she uses a gibberish sounding language hardly anyone (except the priest) understands, but to me it sounds similar to the sounds clowns make (from Oleg Popov to Mr. Bean), which are sounds that help transport emotions and are understood in every language. Even after Leeloo learns English, she uses it very reluctantly. And there are are several other similarities like the combination of acrobatic skills and her use of violence or the unawareness of the impacts of her nudity. With the similarities to clowns I don’t think that the „supreme being“ is ridiculed, but made even more ‚true‘, if that makes sense.


So… this is the first „fanart“ I’ve ever made and it wasn’t easy. I’m not unhappy about it (except how her right hand turned out), but there’s definitely room for improvement 😉 I really have to think about the concept of „fanart“, though.