Inktober 2018 Teil 2

Tag 5: Chicken. So. There ist this town in Alaska, a goldrush town. And since there were a lot of ptarmigans (German: Schneehühner), they wanted to call it Ptarmigan. (Yes, very creative, but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.) But during the meeting (there surely was a meeting) one of the guys stood up and said: „Yeah, I really like the idea of the name ’n stuff, but, you see, we’re kind of simple folks here and this sounds so latin an‘ all and it’s a really complicated name an‘ stuff…“ And then they named it „Chicken“.

Tag 6: Drooling.

Tag 7: Exhausted.

Tag 8: Star.

Tag 9: Precious.

Tag 10: Flowing.

Tag 11: Cruel.